College of Applied Sciences, Mavelikkara is an affiliated institution of the University Kerala and is managed by IHRD, a Government(.) of Kerala institution(s)

Courses  Affiliated to University of Kerala

This can be again divided into two:


    1. B.Sc Electronics                                             (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme
    2. B.Sc Computer Science                                 (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme
    3. B.Com Computer Applications                    (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme
    4. B.Com with tax procedure and practice      (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme
    5. Bachelor of Business Administration            (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme
    6. Bachelor of Computer Applications                 (40 seats)            3 year undergraduate programme


      1. M.Sc Electronics            (12 seats)2 year postgraduate programme
      2. M.Sc Computer Science(10 seats)2 year postgraduate programme
      3. M.Com Finance              (15 seats)2 year postgraduate programme

Admissions to first semester UG/PG programmes are conducted as per the guidelines of the University of Kerala during May-July every year.

Continuing Education programme(s) offered by IHRD

      1. PGDCA: 40 seats

PGDCA ( Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications ) is an one year postgraduate diploma programme, recognised by state universities and the Kerala Public Service Commission

      1. DCA    : 40 seats

DCA ( Diploma in Computer Applications ) is a six months diploma programme, recognised by state government and the Kerala Public Service Commission

Admissions to both programmes of IHRD are conducted  during June & December every year.  The Examinations of these programmes are  conducted by IHRD and the certificates are issued by the  Director, IHRD.